TPF launches his video content’s signature and comparison enabler at NAB’16


  TARGET: Digital Asset Management products and services.
  SERVICE: Video content signature and comparison service.
  BASELINE: Every video deserves and requires a trackable content signature
  AVAILABILITY: Now Online or Hardware embedded
  PRICING: To be determined.

  The Picture Factory, a 2008 footages library specialized in doc’s footages launches in 2016 his signature technology dedicated to videos from daily footages to edited programs.
  This technology offers efficient video comparison in order to immediately retrieve identical or similar contents within big data warehouses.
  Our workflow is able to compare 1 million footages or masters in less than 1 second!
  TPF’s technology is designed to be embedded in existing Digital Asset Managers.
  As future partners, we help DAM’s vendors to easily embed our technology in their range of products through a web service and API.
  Test platform and technology will be provided to our target upon request to-

End user benefits

Content Creators:

What if your Production Asset Manager would be able to …
…Give to editors creative overviews of the dailies like before editing?
…Provide a content based organization of assets instead of directories’ lists?
…Makes the difference between edited and non-edited content?
…Help you to manage and gather multi-cams dailies

Content and Archival Managers:

…Find the master content you’re surely got but are unable to easily relocate, based on short samples?
...Spread your existing key wordings to non-indexed content (multi-cams, edited or unedited footage, specific sceneries like crowds, landscapes, crafts …)?
...Securely de-duplicate content, from unwanted replications, saving lots of space on servers?
…Provide you a smart archival process organizing dailies and masters before putting them offline or online back?

Image Banks:

…Make the difference between edited and non-edited content?
…Decrease key wording tasks requirements grace to content comparison?
…Offer to content researcher an agile content-base browser?
...Help Image Banks to show more of their footages?

DAM software’s companies benefits

Content creators and managers

Content creators and managers need content based managing tools in addition of the existing, directory based.

Manage servers and workflows

For traffic managers we help them to manage servers and workflows with volume and security issues. This is particularly required with new ingestion of contents.

Unique signature

Our signature technology is giving content a unique signature; this allows now tracking and soon recognition.

For archival managers

For archival managers we enable them achieve their goals: how to sort out automatically the content that should be archived, without missing content or having too many redundancies?


Your customers will have immediately a better ROI of their MAM grace with de-duplication and archival functions.


The many advantages in terms of image browsing, retrieval, organization, archiving and keywording will increase the advantage of your product and service regarding competitors.

What we provide

Our unique Signature technology is based on forms in movement and is not still frames signatures.
The signature payload is very small and not duration linked.
Our process is able to find an identical or a similar content among 1 million asset 
in less than ½ a  second.
The initial Signature calculation is half real time on a standard server.
We provide mass calculation on the cloud with a partner.
We keep track of the Signature and your Content ID, but we don’t keep any content itself.
We provide a web based API service, plus engineering services to help you to embed our technology 
in your products and services.
When used as a web service, we provide Signatures and Answer based on request comparisons.
Each of the services, “Signatures creation” and “Signatures comparisons” could be implement locally.

Road Map:

Version 1 of our tools allows smart comparison.
Version 2 in 2017 will allow :
-          meta-signature to specialized specifics sorting aiming to enrich creation browsing
-          “flag content” option to template specific request on content (something, someone, …)
-          third party recognition tools like face recognition
Our signature could be embedded directly on Cameras, Editing tools and Servers as an 
additional feature of an Operating System.
The technology is also suitable to mass video comparison with platforms.            

Implementation ideas

Footage retrieval allowing automated indexing from an an edited video

Search for similar scenes in the same video